Indian mosoon is truly a distinct coffee. After being harvested the beans are laid out to dry in special drying barns, during the monsoon season. After a year the swollen beans are collected and bagged. With the result being an ultra smooth cup, with a mature/mellow taste. As full bodied as they get!
Grown in the Gold mining region of SW India, these uncommon beans are the highest grade India has to offer. A good full-bodied coffee with earthy and nutty undertones.
Grown in the arid conditions of the Middle East, this is one of the oldest coffees in the world. Many of the early Ethiopian coffees passed through the ports of Mocha. The Harar coffees with their chocolate undertones, spawned the whole Mocha/chocolate drink revolution. These small beans have a fruity, bittersweet character with a chocolaty aftertaste.
This coffee comes from Indonesia, where its rich, deep flavour and exceptional aroma comes from the volcanic soil.
A delicious dark and rich decaf from the Indonesian archipelago.